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Performance diagnostics Porsche and Mercedes

Today a check engine light illuminates when there is a malfunction in the emission system that exceeds federal limits by a factor of 1.5.  To the driver, nothing is different during vehicle operation except that the check engine light is on. However a bad misfire condition will cause the check engine light to flash. Either way, we can diagnose and repair the fault the first time.

At our disposal are an array of computerized tools that have BMW, Porsche and Mercedes factory diagnostic software to accurately and efficiently determine faults and produce the necessary auto repair. We also have many scan tools, electrical meters and lab scopes to aid in the diagnostics and repair procedures of today’s high tech systems. These tools along with information and system diagrams contained in All Data, BMW Technical Information Systems, Porsche POSES and Mercedes DAS, allows us to find the root cause of issues affecting electronic systems and make the needed auto repairs.

Tailored Performance Enhancement.

We don't just repair, we enhance. Our performance repair services include tuning, recalibration, and engine modifications to ensure your luxury vehicle performs as powerfully and efficiently as possible.

At our shop in Huntington Beach, we always perform an initial test drive to experience the customers’ complaint and again test drive the vehicle after all repairs to confirm a successful performance repair. One of our diagnostic computers is connected to the vehicle during these test drives to monitor engine or other systems operation and data stream. Since 1980 these procedures have produced results that create total customer satisfaction for our loyal clients. Porsche, BMW and Mercedes vehicles demand that we have the necessary tools and knowledge to maximize the performance from your daily driver.

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