Quality Mercedes-Benz auto repair in Huntington Beach.

One of the highly advanced and beautifully designed luxury vehicles on the market is the Mercedes-Benz. The brand is recognized for its world-class safety and a line of vehicle models that suit the discerning taste of every driver.

Despite the beauty and reliability of Mercedes-Benz, there will come a time when you need to have your car checked or fixed. This refined, elegant vehicle requires specialized treatment, so no ordinary car shop will do. You’ll need an auto shop that specializes in the diagnosis, maintenance, and repair of Mercedes-Benz.

Autowerkes has been providing auto repair services on the Mercedes-Benz since 1980. Our shop serves car owners in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and the neighboring areas in Orange County.

Why choose us for your Mercedes-Benz
service needs?

Mercedes Benz Service
Our auto service shop has ASE-certified and factory-trained master technicians who specialize in repairing and maintaining Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Additionally, our car repair shop has the equipment and resources to fix or maintain your Mercedes-Benz. We use the latest diagnostic equipment, factory scan tool software, and vehicle repair information to meet your service needs.

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Benz Services

Our roster of Mercedes-Benz services

We offer a range of maintenance and repair services to improve the performance and retain the integrity of your Mercedes-Benz. Our major services include:

Brake Services

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are equipped with advanced braking systems like Adaptive Brake and Brake Assist, designed for optimal stopping power and control. At Autowerkes, our technicians meticulously inspect these systems, ensuring components from hydraulic circuits to electronic control units perform at their peak, thus extending the longevity of your brakes.

Engine Services

Mercedes-Benz engines, known for their innovative technology such as direct injection and turbocharging, require expert handling. These systems increase power while maintaining efficiency, but their complexity demands specialized care. At Autowerkes, our expert technicians adeptly navigate these advanced engines, maintaining and repairing crucial components. This attention to detail optimizes your Mercedes' performance and enhances its lifespan.

Transmission Services

We diagnose fix faulty transmissions on Mercedes-Benz models. Whether your vehicle is suffering from a fluid leak, a check engine light problem, or other issues, we’ll complete the repair request and get it working accordingly.
Our auto service shop also offers other vehicle services for the Mercedes-Benz, including electrical repairs, cooling system services, and auto detailing.

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