Superior MINI Maintenance Services in Huntington Beach

MINI vehicles embody a unique blend of British heritage and modern innovation. With their distinctive design and spirited performance, MINIs are loved for their charm and character. However, even these reliable, fun-to-drive vehicles need regular care to stay in peak condition.Autowerkes has been servicing the MINI brand since 1980, bringing expert repair and maintenance services to MINI owners in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and surrounding Orange County areas.

Your Trusted Destination for MINI Vehicle Care

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MINI vehicles, with their compact design and unique drivability, integrate complex systems like the fully-variable valve control technology for efficiency and the dynamic stability control for enhanced grip. To cater to these specific requirements, at Autowerkes, we employ cutting-edge diagnostic tools and factory-grade software. Our seasoned team is equipped to address the unique intricacies of your MINI, ensuring a smooth, confident drive every time.
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Comprehensive Service Offerings for Your MINI

We offer a wide array of repair and maintenance services to enhance your MINI's performance and longevity. Our key services include:

Brake Services

MINI vehicles utilize advanced brake technology such as Cornering Brake Control (CBC) and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) for improved handling and safety. At Autowerkes, we conduct meticulous inspections and maintenance on these intricate systems. With any identified issues, we act swiftly for repairs, offering the convenience of complimentary vehicle pick-up and drop-off services.

Engine Services

MINI engines, known for their innovative TwinPower Turbo technology and optimal power-to-weight ratio, offer a unique blend of performance and efficiency. At Autowerkes, our technicians are proficient in the technicalities of these engines. We provide expert repairs and tailored modifications to maximize your MINI's performance, adapting it to your specific driving needs.

Transmission Services

MINI's transmissions, featuring advanced systems like the Steptronic Automatic and the Manual Transmission, are integral to the vehicle's performance and agility. Our team is adept at diagnosing and rectifying issues, whether they involve fluid leaks, illumination of the check engine light, or other anomalies. At Autowerkes, we strive for speedy, precise transmission repairs, restoring your MINI to peak performance swiftly.
In addition to these, Autowerkes offers a range of other services for your MINI, including electrical repairs, cooling system services, and professional auto detailing.

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