Routine maintenance

Oil & Filter Service
Drive smoothly by maintaining your vehicle’s oil. Get your reward card after you purchase one or more of our Valvoline-related auto services, you can receive a reward card toward your next purchase via mail-in offer. For example, if you buy an oil change service using Valvoline’s MaxLife Synthetic™ oil, you’ll get a reward card worth $15 that you can use the next time you visit Autowerkes.
Wheel Alignment
Ensure precise handling and tire longevity with our professional wheel alignment service. Expert technicians use advanced equipment to align your wheels, improving safety and reducing tire wear. Drive with confidence.
Vehicle Fluid Service
Keep your vehicle running smoothly with our comprehensive fluid service. From engine oil to transmission fluid, our skilled technicians perform fluid inspections, replacements, and top-ups, ensuring optimal performance and prolonging the life of vital components.
Wiper Blade Replacement
Maintain clear visibility during rainy weather with our wiper blade replacement service. Our technicians fit your vehicle with high-quality blades for streak-free wiping, ensuring enhanced safety and visibility in adverse weather conditions.

Tire & brake services

Tire Services & Repair
Trust our tire experts for all your tire needs. From tire rotations and balancing to puncture repairs and new tire installations, we provide comprehensive tire services to enhance safety, improve performance, and extend the lifespan of your tires.
Brake Services
Your safety is our top priority. Trust our brake services for reliable stopping power. From brake inspections and pad replacements to rotor resurfacing and fluid flushes, our experts ensure your brakes are in top condition for confident driving.
Tire Rotation
Maximize the lifespan and performance of your tires with our professional tire rotation service. Our skilled technicians ensure even wear, improved traction, and a smoother ride, helping you get the most out of your investment.


Engine Services
Keep your engine running smoothly with our comprehensive engine services. From oil changes and tune-ups to diagnostic testing and repairs, our skilled technicians provide the care and attention your engine deserves.
Cooling System Services
Prevent overheating and engine damage with our cooling system services. We offer radiator flushes, coolant replacements, and thermostat inspections to maintain proper engine temperature and ensure optimal performance.
Belt Replacement
Avoid unexpected breakdowns by replacing worn or damaged belts. Our technicians perform precise belt replacements, including serpentine belts, timing belts, and more, to keep your engine running smoothly and prevent costly repairs.
Radiator Services
Protect your engine from overheating with our radiator services. Our experts perform radiator inspections, repairs, and replacements, ensuring efficient cooling system operation for optimal engine performance.

Battery services

Battery Testing and Inspection
Ensure Optimal Performance: Regular battery testing and inspection is crucial to ensure your vehicle's battery is in good condition and performing optimally. Our technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to evaluate the health and voltage of your battery.
Replacement and Installation
If your battery is weak, aged, or failing, our expert technicians provide professional battery replacement services. We carefully select and install the right battery for your vehicle, ensuring proper fit, optimal performance, and reliable starting power.

Air conditioning services

Air Conditioning Services
Stay cool and comfortable during hot summers with our air conditioning services. From inspections and repairs to recharging and system maintenance, our technicians ensure your A/C is ready for the road ahead.
Cabin & Air Filter
Breathe clean air inside your vehicle with our cabin and air filter services. We inspect, clean, or replace filters to improve air quality, reduce allergens, and keep your HVAC system running efficiently.

Steering & suspension

Suspension Services
Enhance your vehicle's performance and ride comfort with our suspension services. From shock and strut replacements to sway bar repairs and bushing replacements, we'll help you maintain a smooth and controlled ride.
Front End
Keep your vehicle's front end in optimal condition with our front end steering and suspension services. Our skilled technicians perform inspections, repairs, and alignments to ensure precise handling and safety on the road.