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Brake repair today is more than just replacing brake pads and rotor especially on BMW vehicles. At Autowerkes in Huntington Beach, we have been doing BMW brakes for our customers in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Seal Beach, Newport Beach and many other Orange county and LA county cities. BMW were designed to go fast, if it were not for the powerful braking system on a BMW it would not be as much fun to drive. Having the knowledge that your BMW brakes are there to help you out of tight spots gives you the confidence to throw your car into tight turns at ridiculous speeds. BMW has been putting together beautifully balanced braking systems for long time and was one of the first auto manufacturers to put 4 wheel disc brakes on their vehicles. BMW combines big brake calipers with large diameter rotors so you end up with significant amount of what’s called the “swept area”. The larger the swept area the better the brake performance due to the larger braking area, cooler brake surface, etc.

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Electrical auto repair is a large part of braking systems at Autowerkes. We specialize in electrical repair of the ABS (antilock brake system). If there is an electrical fault in the ABS system, antilock is disabled and the warning light is turned on. It is critical to have the brake light diagnosed and repaired for safety sake. ABS has been a big part of the BMW braking system for long time. The ABS system on newer BMWs doesn’t activate until is truly needed, therefore it does not interfere with the actions of skilled driver. At Autowerkes, we have been performing electrical and brake repair for our clients in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Seal Beach, Newport Beach and other Orange County and LA County cities.
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At Autowerkes in Huntington Beach we have been working on BMW, Mercedes and Porsche since 1980, giving our clientele over 140 years of combined automotive repair experience. Our team works together to give you the very best in service and the highest quality repairs on your BMW. A complementary mini detail with every service or auto repair is always performed. Personal shuttle to your home or office whether you live or work in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Seal Beach, Newport beach or any other Orange county city.Please give us a call with your BMW brake questions or any other automotive questions you may have. Feel free to stop in and see us for a free consultation if you are in the area. We are on Talbert Ave just east of the Huntington Beach library.