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November 5, 2021

Choosing a trusted mechanic for your luxury car

By Bruce Powers

If a time-traveler from the 80s were to see our cars today, they’d think it looked like something out of science fiction: electric cars, satellite-guided navigation, autonomous vehicles, wireless integration with our devices. And while car manufacturers have always shown a knack for pushing the technological envelope, the past decade’s advances in technology have had a profound impact on cars.

Luxury cars, by nature, incorporate many new advancements. And as cars have become more and more into marvels of technology and engineering, this has given rise to the need for extremely specialized people to service and maintain them.

If you have a top-of-the-line model, who do you find and vet a service center that will take care of your car properly? Read on and find out.


As cars become more complex, it only makes sense for auto mechanics to evolve along with it. Mechanics that have undergone special training and receive certifications, like an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification and manufacturer-specific certifications, makes them more qualified to handle car repairs and maintenance.

ASE Certification

Auto mechanics that have earned an ASE certification from The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence are certified as master technicians after they complete eight certifications:

  • A1: Engine Repair
  • A2: Automatic Transmission / Transaxle
  • A3: Manual Drivetrain & Axles
  • A4:  Suspension & Steering
  • A5:  Brakes
  • A6: Electrical / Electronic Systems
  • A7: Heating & Air Conditioning
  • A8: Engine Performance

ASE master technician certificate holders must recertify every 5 years, so they will need to keep up with developments in vehicle maintenance and repair to retain their master status.

Manufacturer Certification

On the other hand, this certification is earned by mechanics that have gone training from company-sponsored coursework. They can receive the certificate after passing the detailed curriculum created by the manufacturer. A Porsche technician certificate, for example, means 23 weeks of instructor-led and hands-on work.

The difference between the two certifications is that the ASE may better know general auto repair principles. In contrast, manufacturer certification will give them brand-specific expertise about cars. Both are highly specialized training that ensures your vehicle will be in very competent hands.


One easy way to find reliable auto mechanics is to check out online reviews. You can start digging online by checking review websites such as Yelp and Google Customer Reviews. You can also check the Better Business Bureau since it covers and reviews thousands of businesses online, including mechanics and car service centers.

If you want to search on a site specifically made for car mechanics, you can check out Car Talk Mechanics Files. Here, people have posted reviews for over 75,000 auto mechanics around the country.

You can also read online forums like CarJunky and Automotive Management Network on what makes a good auto mechanic and other expert advice on car maintenance.


Another great way to find trustworthy auto repair shops is to see if they are members of any major automobile associations like  Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association (AMRA), American Automobile Association (AAA), and Automotive Service Association (ASA).

These three major organizations ensure that the quality of service is up to OSHA’s safety standards. You can go to their websites and search for their membership directory for any auto shops near you.


Autowerkes has been providing expert car maintenance and repair services for decades. Accredited with ASE certifications, we have skilled master mechanics dedicated to providing our customers with expert service. Check out our auto repair services for Huntington Beach to learn more about our services and team.